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About Us

Hi and Welcome to Vom Yoderheim German shepherd puppies. Our name comes from our dog’s homeland of Germany meaning “German Shepherd Puppies from the Home of the Yoder’s”. We are so excited to show you who we are and what we have to offer in our amazing World Class German Shepherd puppies with Champion Bloodlines.


We the Yoder’s, Dan and Barb, along with our 4 children Lonnie, Kenny, Jamie, and Marcy live here on 56 acres in the rolling hills of mid-Ohio. Along with our dogs, we have horses, beef cattle, and a pony. We all work together to make our dogs and puppies who they are.

In 2012 we bought our first German shepherd for Lonnie’s 7th birthday from our uncle. Never realizing what this puppy would do to our hearts. We all fell head over heels in love with Suki and soon realized we want more of these intelligent and loyal companions.


So, over the years we added a few more females and then decided to get our first 2nd generation imported male. With our imported male, we could really tell a difference in stature, health, and temperament, so then we knew in our hearts that we wanted to have all first-generation imported dogs with World Champion bloodlines. After a lot of research, we finally brought home our first world-class imported female (Karla) and male (Lerby). We are so thankful to have these AMAZING German Shepherds and can not wait to share their offspring with the world.

Our imported German shepherds are all German “a” stamped certified for hip and elbows. They are all IPG3 and AKC Registered. To learn more about their outstanding qualities and Champion pedigree click the button below.


We are now offering you a chance at also owning one of these amazing loyal World Champion Pedigree German Shepherds. We have made a lot of friends over the years through our puppies who share the love and experiences we now have with these amazing companions. We invite you to come and visit our home to meet our puppies and our family. If it is not convenient for you to make a visit, then we can provide transportation to your nearest airport or directly to your home.

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