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BIRTH DATE 12-16-2021

Let me introduce Java who has been born and raised here with our family and her  2 other sisters Jem and Jewel. Java's Mother Karla and Father Lerby are also with our family and are both  titled(IPO3) imported dogs. Both Java and her parents hips and elbows  are German “A” stamped.(Certified) Java's grandfather on her mothers side Demon di casa Maiorano was a VA5in 2017 and 2018. Her great grandfather Conbhairean Uno was VA1 World Sieger in 2015 .Her Father Lerby has world champion bloodlines with his great-grandfathers. They are 2-time world Sieger VA1 “Vegas du Haut Mansard and 2-time World Sieger VA1 “Remo vom Fichtenschlag”. A VA1 is the top World Champion German shepherd who competes in the Sieger Trials against hundreds of others.  Java is  respectful, kid friendly,loves to play and is a  loyal female. We are blessed to have Java as a part of our family.

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