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Wyna vom Deutschen Eck
Titled BH(Imported)
Wyna Has A Sweet & Outstanding Temperment
With Children & Adults!!

Price$$:Make an Offer!!

Wyna - German Shepherd11.jpg
Wyna - German Shepherd1.jpg

Birth: June 13, 2017

This is  Wyna Vom Deutschen Eck. she is imported from Germany. Wyna is an outstanding world class german shepherd all around. She is all you want in a female from her sweet attitude to her  loyal protective nature. She has basic command training and loves playing with a ball. Her fathers blood line includes top producers Tyson Vom Kottersbusch and Quenn Vom Loher-weg to mention a couple but has many more champions in her linage. We are very happy to have Wyna as part of our family.

Elsie Vom Fleisherheim
(1st Generation Import)
Elsie has a Sweet & OUTSTANDING Personality
With Children & Adults!!

Price$$:Make an Offer!!

Elsie - German Shepherd11.jpg
Elsie - German Shepherd1.jpg
Elsie - German Shepherd2.jpg

This is Elsie Vom Fleischerheim a very happy, playful, and outgoing world-class, german shepherd female. Elsie has a lot of champion blood flowing through her thus making her an awesome dog to own. She is a descendent of two times Va1 world champion Furbo Degli Achei and she has many other champions in her lineage.She is German "A" stamped for her hip and elbows and genetic tested being DM clear. Elsie is a pleasure to own. We know you will love her too!!

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