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Cara Vom Hutberg

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BIRTH DATE March 12,2021

Let me introduce Cara.Cara joined our family in Jan of 2023.She was imported from Germany .Cara is a certified IPO 1 trained German Dog.Cara is German "A" stamped(certified) on her hips and elbows. Cara has lots of Champion bloodlines in her pedigree.Her father Xiu vom hutberg was a IGP1 & a-V in the show and her grandfather Gary vom Huhnegrab was a VA.Her mother Tosca vom Hutberg was also a-V along with her grandfather Willas vom Grafenbrunn a VA and grandmother jade vom hutberg  a V . Cara has a very sweet, kid friendly,Loyal and respectful personality that has our son's great love.   We are blessed to have Cara as a part of our family.

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